Paid To Click: Making Money Online By Clicking

What is Paid To Click?

Paid to click (PTC) is a business model where online advertisers pay to the viewer when he clicks on the ads on a PTC website. Once you install the adblocker on your computer you can’t visit the website and earn money. However, if you have a website that is currently running ads and you start earning from the clicks then you will have to know how PTC works, otherwise, you will never be able to realize the money generated by your website through ads. Which websites run ads? The majority of the websites that have ads are the huge mainstream websites that include Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, etc. The biggest click economy websites in the world are known as premium websites. Most of the big online companies have premium websites.

How Does PTC Work?

Traditionally, you would go to an advertiser’s website and write an advert or text for them. They will pay you to post it and if the advert gets clicked by people it is a little money for you. After posting the advert online, they will pay you as per the traffic generated from this advert. PTC websites typically operate in a similar manner. There is a traffic generation model for each ad displayed on a PTC website. PTC websites are usually used by ecommerce companies to drive traffic to their online store to make sales. Which Advantages Do PTC Sites Offer? Based on the traffic generated from the adverts displayed, you can earn anything from 50 cents to $100 or more.

How to Get Started?

It is very easy to get started in PTC. All you have to do is create a website with the necessary pages, and then start writing content to provide enough to inform people about the website. You can also decide to promote other brands to raise money through PTC and build a user base to make money in the long term. However, it is important to think very carefully before choosing a product to promote on your website. To get started, you have to write posts about the products of your choice, and click on keywords to appear on a relevant page. Using the algorithm to produce good search results, you should quickly earn enough to cover your expenses. If you run into financial trouble, you can hire a freelancer to do the work for you.

Ways To Earn Money

Earn money with multiple click jobs. PTC job activities include: Sell products or make money online just by clicking on it; Consult online sales store, either online, or via phone; Buy online items in your interest, and with the click of a mouse, purchase your desired product; Buy online with your mobile phone, send to your email and collect money from you later. How To Earn Money Online With PTC There are a few steps you need to follow when it comes to starting a PTC business: Choose a proper business niche. PTC job activities involve advertisements, including sports, pets, gadgets and gaming. If you are able to choose a niche, you can easily make money by clicking on ads placed on that niche.

Making Money Online

Having a website is a very smart thing to do because it leads to many people finding you and it’s useful if you want to make money from home. With online advertising increasing so is the need to become an internet marketing expert. Since no one can have enough money to survive, those who are the best at online marketing are bound to make lots of money from home. Getting your website to get the traffic is not a small task, but once you are able to build a good site with good content, traffic will start coming in. There are many ways to get traffic but you need to know about these and how they help you make lots of money from home.

Paid to Click Websites

Heedyou is a PTC (paid to click) website and online since 2012. Formerly known as Clicks-FX. Heedyou Review – It is also known as low cost advertising paid to click website.

Paidverts has brought some revolution in paid to click world.

It has a very unique concept of earning by viewing the ads.

Imagine, members can earn $5, $10, or even $25 per day from Paidverts just by doing simple work and if you referring anyone you can earn more.

PTCshare is a paid to click (PTC) website launched in 2019.

It was launched by the management of Paidverts and it was running for many years.

Ysense website Free and online. Clixsense is now Ysense.

ySense is a GPT (get-paid-to) website that permits you to earn rewards by taking paid surveys, cash offers, Appen tasks, referrals, and more.


PTC sites are becoming increasingly popular among people looking to earn a decent income from home. Online business models that permit users to run a PTC business and then sell their internet subscription package to viewers are more popular among internet users.

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